How SecurTel Works

  • First, Select SIGN UP NOW to activate your SecurTel Jail Phone Number.
  • Next, we will research and provision your new "lowest cost" Jail Phone Number.
  • Then, register the new number with Securus and fund your "in jail" Securus account.
  • Finally, anytime your inmate calls you they will call your new phone number we assigned to you. You will not pay any High Local or Long Distance Call Charges if they dial your SecurTel phone number.

We do not place call or minute limits on your SecurTel Jail Phone Number. Securus charges you separately for your “in jail” talk time that is provided by SecurTel is not affiliated in any manner with We have no control over policies which may by facility. If you have any trouble and do not receive sufficient value from our service we will provide you will a refund for the current and billed month of service minus a $9.99 fee that covers our provisioning costs.